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ICB Wrap it Up: Cold War Snow-Proof Winter Styles

It’s Tuesday morning. Your nose is running. Your lipgloss feels like it might freeze-dry on your already parched lips. Your neck is undeniably standing at attention with goose bumps. Then you find yourself heading into a break wind that is colder than the planet Pluto and for the first time in your life you cannot feel your toes or your fingertips, or hear your thoughts. You start to have visions of yourself in a fetal position inside of your warm bed, and you promise yourself you will never come out, ever, ever, again.

 Emitting HEAT: ICB’s own Thermal Styles at AW14


 Just remember, in NYC cold hell freezing over is NO EXCUSE for not putting your best face forward, showing up to the party, and making your mark. If you’re not prepared, not fully bundled in style, or in denial of what’s ahead of you…then you’ll succumb to nights staying in with your other boyfriend-netflix, your friends will get tired of your excuses, and the best, most exciting months of the year will pass you by.

Keep Warm Close: ICB’s own Angora Sweater at AW14

Cold War Battles: ICB’s Charcoal Angora Overcoat

But before you walk out the door into a 17-degree NYC Saturday night consider these Snow-Proof Winter Fabric options:

Seen on the Street: Avoiding Brain Freeze in Style

  1. Wool
  2. Angora
  3. Thermals
  4. Microfibers
  5. Scarf
  6. Hat
  7. Gloves
  8. Good Socks
  9. Shearling

We know the list may look less than exotic, but we promise you, you won’t come out looking like a frumpy teddy bear all bundled up. There are ways to keep the cold at bay without having to succumb to the yeti snow monster look. No matter how cold it is outside, we complete faith that ICB girls everywhere will keep their sense of style. Take a nod from these dead of winter Fashion Week style wizards:

Scarf, Beanie-Hat, Gloves, and Delicious Layers

Big Cozy Collars

Color-Blocked Scarves and Gloves

Stay Layered in Wool Pashmina Scarves

Shearling On Duty

Now here’s a video from NYC’s own Bill Cunningham that brightens our day even in the harsh cold of winter: