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ICB SS15: Undone Beauty, Modern Separates for the City Girl

The future flows in innumerable and distinct ways. It carves pathways towards innovation, provocation, plus helps us to embellish our own personal styles. ICB’s SS15 collection does just that. 


This collection calls upon all urban, modern, and technologically savvy ICB girls everywhere to take on a different look and viewpoint of ‘urban’ separates, and movement.


We’ve also challenged the way we approach fabrics by producing pieces that lend more utility to the wearer, such as eye-let and mesh features that let the separates breath and take on a life of their own. 


Nothing ever remains static at ICB. Even the somewhat 'antiquated" fabric Chambray. We challenged this fabric by adding patches of cornflower blue mesh into several pieces, plus sporty elements that add a futuristic and other-wordly quality. 


At ICB we also explored the idea of movement through fringe. What seems to be our own modern take of a dress can readily be transformed into a 2015 zeitgeist of fringe dripping off the fabric, making the look electric, and plugged in. Not only does it swing back and forth, but the at ICB we plugged in fringe in graphic ways that traverse above and beyond the present future. 


Other pieces are embellished with “melting” floral prints that cater to spring’s first blush of warmth.


Blazers and shorts, monochromatic jumpsuits, and utility-style chunky sandal platforms help make each and every look for SS15 that much accessible, that much timeless, and that much FUN. 

And here’s where we leave you the freedom, innovation, and choice to pick and choose your favorites from ICB SS15. - Ana Roman