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Out The Door With ICB: 20 Things to Do in NYC This Month

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everyone here at ICB would like to give a shout out to one of our truest loves: New York City. This city is vibrant with fashion, alive with culture, and in the city that never sleeps, there is so much to do and so much to conquer. 




Is it Spring Yet? Get the fever over at ICB SS15

As the bitter cold rages on, we all cover up and bundle in but this city stops for no storm. Even as the snow falls and the nights get colder, there is still so much that New York City has to offer.




Zip Up Those Coats!

Zip up your coats and follow us out the door for ICB’s Top 20 Things to Do in NYC This Month:





Located three hours north of New York City, you’ll find that those days you didn’t go to the gym will be made up for some powder punching ski time! Go ahead, we dare you to take first time lessons. You better hurry though! Right now it’s 25% of all lift tickets so get them while the winter lasts!

2. Go to an Indie Open Mic




NYC is full of underground, on the low open mics that feature up and coming artists and songs that truly show what the people of this city have to offer. There is one this this weekend in Sunset Park, and it’s free! 

3. MADE Fashion Week 




We know you all have heard of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, which is from Feb. 12-19th, but during the same time is MADE Fashion Week, an exciting time for emerging designers and artists to strut their stuff. 

Check out the event listings here.

4. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week




It wouldn’t be winter without a little spring– spring fashion, of course. After you’re finished checking out MADE, see the latest from ICB!

The schedule is listed here.

5. Go To The Met




By-donation museums was the one of the best things to happen in this city. The MET is amazing all-year round, but when it’s cold, we find it best to seek solace in art. 

Another reason to go this month is this awesome exhibit on cubism, totally a must see!

6. Triumph Hotel’s PRIV Beauty Pop-Up




Fashion Week can be a bit stressful, which is why Triumph Hotels partnered up with PRIV to give the public some pampering. Get free massages, a new hairstyle, and much much more!

7. Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the ‘70s




The Museum at FIT is having an AMAZING exhibit starting Feb. 6th that you just can’t miss. The exhibition—which features 80 ensembles and 20 accessories on display from the designers—places the fashions of Yves Saint Laurent and Halston within the context of the 70s infamous glitz and turmoil. Can’t make it this month? No worries, it’s going on until April

8. Helmut Lang




Fashion meets art with Lang’s first every gallery show exhibiting 10-12 foot sculptures of fabric and resin that will absolutely blow your mind! Through Feb. 21st.

9. Lunar New Year Parade & Festival




Now that you’ve seen all the art and fashion this month has to offer, wouldn’t it be cool to see a dragon dance? If you said yes, join Chinatown in the Lunar New Year Parade & Festival in traditional dance, yummy food, and amazing performers. 

10. Party Like It’s 1999 at The Bell House




Retro-kitsch is in—was it ever actually out?—at this monthly party at The Bell House. Rock your favorite ICB top and get ready for a night of throwbacks. 

11. Visit Central Park




Yeah, we know it’s cold. But even though it’s not a rocking party or a must-be-there event, Central Park is a winter wonderland in Feburary. Whether  you’ve been here for decades or just a few days, snow-covered Central Park is always a sight worth seeing. 

12. Visit the Bowery Poetry Club




This place is chic, and filled with soul. Come here on a Friday or Saturday night for good drinks, good vibes, and even better poetry

13. New York City Winter Wine Fest




Wine tasting and good times– what else could a girl ask for? With over 200 wines from all around the world, this event is not worth missing.

14. City Bakery Annual Hot Chocolate Festival




This is a festival featuring over 28 different kinds of hot chocolate that you’ve probably never tried before. Do we really need to say more??

15. Go Ice Skating




Show off your best– and (hopefully) most graceful– moves by ice skating in one of the city’s many ice skating rinks. It’s a great time to be silly in the cold, and it makes one hell of a date. 

16. Boozy Book Swap




This February The Strand are teaming up for an annual book swap like you’ve never seen it before. Judge a book by it’s cover, literally, and meet new people while listening to good music and sipping on unlimited wine. Plus, it’s only $20!

17. Romeo and Juliet at The David H. Koch Theater




Whether you have a date or not this Valentine’s Day, you can still be swept away by the New York City Ballet’s performance of one of literature’s most tragic love stories. Only through Feb. 15th!

18. Book a Spa Day




If you didn’t catch our latest Reboot, Revive, and Recharge post back in December, then you better catch up! Sometimes all an ICB girl needs is a little “me” time. Check out some of top spa locations in the city and give yourself some lovin!

19. Dance the Night Away at RINSED NYC




This is by far one of the most innovative, outstanding, and dance-thumping parties that NYC has to offer. This all night once-a-monthly has featured some of the top producers and artists in techno, electronic, IDM, and deep, deep dance house on the East Coast. Book your tickets here to get RINSED.





With Fashion Week and all of the amazing, hustle and bustle of the city, February is one of the winter’s busiest months. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves to take a moment and relax. Here’s us reminding you!