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ICB Super-Charged: Five Superfoods to keep you strong and NYC Winter-Proof

It doesn’t matter how angora-luxe your oversized knit scarves are, or how much leather and shearling you drape your beautiful self in, those cold NYC monster-like winds are still going to find a way to get into your bones. Trust us, they ALWAYS find a way.




Is it Spring Yet?
The difference between one sniffle versus two days on the couch can be the difference between that one leafy green you didn’t eat or that extra glass of wine at 1am you should have avoided. Trust us, after eating a healthy dose of Pomegranate pearls you can afford to stay out a little later than the rest- as long as you nourish, nourish, nourish.




Smiling for those Superfoods? You’ll thank us when you hit those cold streets


At ICB we’ve decided to get to the mind, body, heart, and soul this week and help all you hard-working ladies out there with a list of some of the most in-season Winter super-foods your fridge, mind, and body will always thank you for.




Stay Protected, Stay Happy, Stay Nourished.





Think Antioxidants, add on top of organic Greek yogurt, or stir into your gluten-free oatmeal. Frozen Berries aren’t just for waiting around for the next holiday’s baking purposes. They are their to assure you get the essential Vitamin C antioxidants you really need.





Okay, they are a TOTAL pain to open. BUT, if you want to stay protected this Winter, plus stronger, healthier, and live longer, them you better purchase a good knife! Sit down with this one (did we mention pomegranate pearls are DIVINE on gluten-free waffles?) and savor this queen of winter fruits!





Despite getting a bad wrap as a ‘throw-back’ veggie that no one eats anymore (thanks Kale!) it doesn’t change the fact that this super-charged king of the garden is one of the strongest fighters of cancer. Chop it, steam it, boil it, or stuff it…your cold, sore body at the end of the day will thank you.





Parsnips, turnips, snips, snips, and more snips. Don’t forget to add celery and beets. These veggies absorb more minerals and nutrients from organic, clean soils than you can imagine. Not to mention, they also provide a healthy substitution to all your sweet-tooth cravings.





These tiny, little seeds pack a microscopic power punch. Omegas, omegas, omegas, and more….and you’ll need them! Why? To protect you from the winter blues, those aches, pains, and chills, plus they cut major cravings. And speaking of cravings we are hankering for some chia seed pudding right about now!