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Midnight Winter Dreams

On July 19th at The Box, ICB celebrated the launch of Fall/Winter 2016 #TheFashionsDaily; a magazine/media project created to display the newest collection. This issue illustrates the Fall/Winter 2016 “Midnight Winter Dream,” a parody of Shakespeare’s, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The party was hosted by Aleali May and co hosted by Travis Bass feat. DJ Keiichiro Nakajima. 


#TheFashionsDaily this season was in a format of script book to emphasize the ‘SCENARIO’: the guests were all invited as ‘ACTORS’ to perform for the night. 

#TheFashionsDaily depicts the story of an ICB girl taking a midnight stroll through New York City during the cold winter. Her body is wrapped in chic wide-leg pants, extra long sleeve knit dresses, and long cashmere robe-like coats. Her accessories, a knit scarf with a faux fur panel, also help keep her warm and protect her from the depths of the winter chill.  


Shakespeare’s, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” is a mythical and mystical tale following four lovers on their midnight walk through the forest. During the event,  ICB girls showed her internal struggle with the fight over fashion while appearing effortless, luxurious and witty.


Love juice in Midsummer Night’s Dream was reinterpreted to their special ’Fashion Shot’ by genius bartenders at the Box, and the aerialists at the box performed above the bar throughout the night wearing ICB.